Beautiful Baker's Twines Two Coloured

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 bakers twine black and lime green  bakers twine original black and orange  bakers twines black and violet coloured
black and yellow baker's twine bakers twine yellow and lime green coloured  bakers twine orange and eton blue
 bakers twine orange and grey bakers twine orange and yellow bakers twine sky blue and dark blue
bakers twine pink and black pink and grey bakers twines  bakers twine in pink and violet beautiful bakers twines
bakers twines in pink and yellow baker's twines red and black  bakers twine red and green xmas bakers twines
bakers twines orange and white original baker's twine red and pink range  baker's twine red and slate grey bakers twines red and violet manufactured by beautiful bakers twines
bakers twine red and yellow coloured blue and yellow bakers twine  baker's twine two coloured sky blue and pink
bakers twines in grey and yellow cotton silver grey and blue bakers twines bakers twines violet blue and yellow
bakers twine violet blue and emerald green black bakers twines  bakers twines - worlds largest selection

Bespoke sizes and designs available - manufactured to your requirments - please enquire


beautiful bakers twines original range
Original Baker's Twine

beautiful bakers twine solid coloured bakers twines

Solid Coloured Baker's Twine

black bakers twines

Tri Coloured Bakers Twine

sparkle range of beautiful bakers twines metallic

Metallic Baker's Twine

sparkle  range of beautiful bakers twines sparkly

Sparkle Baker's Twine

yellow blue duo bakers twines

'Chunky' Baker's Twine

bakers twines beautiful bakers twine braid range

Baker's Braid

red magic magicians ropes
Magician's Ropes
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Beautiful Baker’s Twine - two coloured range is made in England by the sole UK manufacturer of cotton baker’s twine, James Lever of Bolton. James Lever is a family run business now in its sixth generation and have been manufacturing strings and twines in Lancashire since 1856. Beautiful Baker's Twines two tone is manufactured in 100% natural soft cotton. Our two coloured baker's twines are manufactured in a wide range of nostalgic colourful colourways and are available in a range of spool sizes.

Everlasto Beautiful Baker's Twines is the largest range of different types of baker's twines avaiable in the world. The extensive range of baker's twines includes - Solid Coloured - Original - Two Tone - Tri Colour - Metallic - Sparkle. We are continually developing our range.

We can provide a bespoke manufacturing service - unique to your designs!